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Respiratory therapist.(CAREER CURVE)

RESPIRATORY THERAPISTS EVALUATE, TREAT AND CARE FOR PATIENTS WITH BREATHING OR CARDIOPULMONARY DISORDERS and may use oxygen, oxygen mixtures, chest physiotherapy and aerosol medications. Under the supervision of a physician, they administer respiratory treatment to patients who range from premature infants to the elderly, and they may care for those with chronic asthma or emphysema. Respiratory therapists may also be called upon to administer treatment as part of emergency care for victims of incidents such as heart attacks, strokes, shocks or drowning.

The Workplace

Most respiratory therapist jobs are in hospitals, but they may also be found in doctors' offices, nursing care facilities or in companies that supply respiratory equipment. Some respiratory therapists may work in home health care settings.

Educational Requirements

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, all states except Alaska and Hawaii require respiratory therapists to be licensed, and an associate degree is the minimum educational requirement. Technical and community colleges, universities, medical schools and the Armed Forces are all sources of training in the field.


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